Tim Walker


Age: 27

Nickname: Timmy, Big Timmy, Tex

Position: GS

Height: 202 cm

Playing Strengths: Hold, shooting accuracy, height

Hobbies/Interest/etc: – Playing sport, lifting weights and training, spending time with friends, playing PlayStation 

Sports other than netball:  American Football 

Something we don’t know about you: I was run over when I was five years old

SPORTING IDOL:  Don’t really idolize anyone, currently my favorite athlete is Rob Gronkowski (Tight End for the New England Patriots, NFL)


ANTHING ELSE: I’m currently completing my Masters in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning). I also played American Football for 10 years as a Left Tackle (Offensive Lineman), including twice being selected to represent Victoria and being invited to trial for Australia. Before that, I was a VFL Goal Umpire and VBL Youth League Basketballer

Playing Honours:    Vic Open Mens   13-15 (2013 Knee Reco)

Vic Open Mixed Reserves 12

Aus Open 15

MLeague Club Team:  Bayside Blue Jays (Mens) –

Bayside Blazes (Mixed)

Timwalker2   Timwalker3   Tim Walker

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