Junior MLeague

Are you or someone you know interested in playing?

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The VMNL is happy to support the first junior M league competition.

The main aim of the competition is to encourage the junior boys to continue playing netball after nationals.
It will be a “Reversed Mixed” competition where a maximum of 3 female players can take the court, however if there are guys out there that want an all-male team, then they can do that too.

The key criteria is for ALL players to be 23 years old or under, with no team having more than three Victorian Cyclones 23 and Under players on court at the same time.
To enter your team, visit the Registration page.

Competition starts Monday 26th May 2014. Entries close Wed 21st May.

*** Unfortunately VMNL was unable to run a competition in 2015, however we are looking to provide the best opportunities for boys to participate in netball via our Cyclones program and hopefully a new Junior MLeague program in 2016.

2 thoughts on “Junior MLeague

  1. My son Jared is very interested in continuing his netball career at a higher level. He has been playing under 15s in a girls competition with the upper Murray football netball league. But he cannot progress anymore due to his age, boys can only play if they are under 13 years.
    He is a very talented young man he played GK and GS.
    Would love an opportunity for him to play men’s netball. Can you help me with what we needs to do from here onwards. How to be selected into the men’s netball.
    Thank you for your time and your commitment to helping boys play Netball.

    • I am also in the same position .. My son is an excellent netballer and other than now concentrating on umpiring because of his age he adult mixed as his only option .. He is a brilliant gd but he is a great wd and shooter too if he is under pressure … He would love to be able to continue on ..

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