The Road to 2018: Victorian Teams Announced

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VMNL is proud to announce the Victorian teams set to compete at the 2018 Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Association Championships.

The Victorian squad below will fly to Sydney and compete at 2018 AMMNA Championships at the Genea Netball Centre (aka Netball Central), Sydney Olympic Park from Sunday 1st to Saturday 7th April, 2018.

Congratulations to all athletes who have been selected to represent Victoria in 2018.


Open Mens

Mens Reserve 1

Mens Reserve 2


Ely Harrison

Clint Allwood

Alec Deasey

Corey Jackson

Ben Bruitzman

Taurin Eimermacher

Daniel Jefferies

Chris Cameron

Brendan Ellis

Jake McSwain

Simon Cartwright

Jesse Hadfield

Tim Malmo

Josh Clavarino

Chris I’Anson

Alastair Punshon

Brandon D’Monte

Daniel King

Riley Richardson

Rein Kivivali

Troy Micic

Brodie Roberts

Sam MacKerras

Bryce Rowley

James Robertson

Rowen May

Daniel Stone

Andrew Simons

Brent Pace

Kurt Thompson

Patrick Toomaga

Training Partners

Josh Biasia

Arlo Cramp

David Priddle


Christina Puopolo

Jenni Lewis

Alexia McConnell

Assistant Coach

Daniel Cooke

Lisa Mynott



Lisa Mynott

Narelle Davis


Open Mixed

Mixed Reserve


David Butler

Tarnee Adams

Lachlan Deane

Nat Billings

Sara Febbo

Jamie Clark

Andrew Lewis

Colin Croft

Elle McDonald

Michael Dower

Jess Maher

Alex Green

Corey Nexhip

Brent Holtham

Dylan Nexhip

Hannah Kuhar

Libby Nicol

Kate McCarthy

Sophie O’Shea

Kate Patterson

Sarah Szczykulski

Michelle Williams

Trent Williams

Kyle Young

Bridget Ryan

Training Partners

Samuel Dugan


Jarrod Walker

David O’Hare


Elisa Caldwell

Jane Higgs

23 & Under:

23 & Under Men’s

23 & Under Men’s Reserve


Jayden Cowling

Eddie Bryant

Adam Franz

Jack Carpenter

Isaac Jones

Daniel Evans

Danny Loates

Jarvis Holt

Billy Mahoney

Corey Howden

Cameron Martin

Rhys Jameson

James Munter

Regan Munro

Jake Noonan

Harry Mynott

Brayden Pastore

Chuck Perera

Luke Marko Rawlings

Daniel Rooney

Mark Reich

Nathan Selvidge

Joshua Smith

Kai Suzuki


Matthew Blomeley

James McGann

Assistant Coach

Joshua Schultz


Tracey Matthews

Narelle Costello

20 & Under:

20 & Under Mens

20 & Under Mens Reserve


Manawa Aranui

Christian Batagol

Hadley Dixon

Cameron Hughes

Joel Gosbell

Ben McAllister

Kyele Heagney

Adam Matthews

Adam Hoogwerf

Brodie Noble

Anthony Maniapoto

Ben Rippon

Damon Marulich

Jake Symons

Dale Mason

Jackson Turner

Jake Novak

Jessie Viney

James Sutton

Zac Wojtowicz

Training Partner

Emilio Edmonds


Craig Moore

Julia Farrimond


Sonya Febbo

Tammy Karkanakis

17 & Under:

17 & Under Mens

17 & Under Mens Reserve


Samuel Bury

Callum Baird

David Capron

Tristan Comans

Jed Christian

Lucas Farrimond

Jay Dingle

Leo Heard

Ronan Finigan

Cooper Hillier

Liam Hocking

Flynn Pospisil

Connor Lily

Ronan Pring

Tou Metoune

Liam Smith

Riley Owen

Bodhi Stringer

Foster Mason Saunders

Luke Williams

Quinn Spencer

William Uerata

Training Partners

Joshua Ferris

Brodie Reeves


Geoff Taylor

Brieannan De Jong


Karen Wild

Teigan Whitby

Victorian Trial Dates Confirmed

18055730_10154735940702762_5091468066881682360_o.jpgTrials for all Victorian state netball teams will be held throughout August this year and in response to its increasing competitiveness, there will be a new format.

Open Men’s will kick trials off in the first weekend of August and will trial separately to the other divisions. Juniors, Mixed, U23s and Men’s Reserves will then follow over the next three weekends.

VMNL is also wanting to improve our junior pathways and allow more time for pre-season training and development, therefore trials for all teams will be earlier than in previous years.

Teams selected will compete in the 2018 Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Championships, to be held in Sydney over Easter, from Sunday 1st to Sunday 8th April, 2018 at the Genea Netball Centre (aka Netball Central), Sydney Olympic Park.

VMNL invites all interested players to attend trials via pre-registering online at the following links for each respective division:

Open Men’s, Mixed, Reserve Men’s and U23s

U17s and U20s

Each team will be selected by the respective coach and a selection panel. Please do not wear State/Aus representative uniform.

Dates, times and locations for all trials can be found below. Please arrive during the registration time. Triallists are required to attend all selection sessions. If you are not able to attend, you must submit an apology to

Open Men’s:

Mixed (Open Mixed and Reserve Mixed):

Men’s Reserves (Reserve 1 and Reserve 2) and U23s:

Juniors (U17s, U20s):

If you have any queries regarding trials, please email Karen Wild at

The wait is over.. MLeague is back in 2017!

MLeague WordPress Image

The premier Men’s and Mixed netball competition is back in 2017.

Now in its 12th year, MLeague is an opportunity for some of the most talented male and female netballers along with the best emerging talent in the state, to come together and compete on a weekly basis.

Commencing in September at the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Parkville, MLeague is split over four divisions: Premier Mens, Premier Mixed, Division One Men’s, and Division One Mixed.

Team applications are now open for all four divisions. To submit your application, complete the team entry form below and return by Friday, July 21. Early entries are recommended as team positions are limited.

If you are an individual looking to join a team, a Facebook group has been set up for you to leave your details and connect with teams looking for players. The group can be found here: Individual Player Facebook Group

If you have any further questions please contact Matthew Blomeley, the MLeague Coordinator, directly at:

As Men’s and Mixed netball continues to grow, MLeague 2017 looks set to be its most exciting and competitive year yet!

Relevant Documents:


Applications now open for 2018 AMMNA Championships Coaches and Managers

2018 State Team Flyer - Coaches and Managers

Applications are now open for COACHES and MANAGERS for the 2018 Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Championships, to be held in Sydney over Easter, from Sunday 1st to Sunday 8th April, 2018.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work with some of Australia’s most outstanding men’s and mixed netballers along with the best emerging talent the sport has to offer. Moreover, the opportunity of coaching or managing a tournament team will provide a host of new and exciting challenges to those whose experience lies predominantly in league coaching/managing.

Last year’s championships on the Gold Coast was the largest tournament yet, with over 600 participants from 39 teams across seven states, and featured live streaming with commentary from the incomparable Sue Gaudion to Queensland Firebird, Laura Clemesha. The 2018 AMMNA Championship promises to build on 2017’s success, as Men’s and Mixed Netball enters a new era of competitiveness and professionalism.

For further details about the requirements of each role, see the respective Position Description below.

Nominations are now open until Sunday July 9, 2017 and can be submitted online at the following link:


If you have any queries regarding your application please contact Karen Wild at

We invite those interested to submit their application and look forward to working together to ensure Victoria’s continued success at the AMMNA Championships.